The Smarter Choice for Heavy Vehicle and Truck Repairs in Bendigo

Do you work with machinery in agriculture, heavy vehicles, trucks or earthmoving equipment? Let Thackers be your partner when it comes to the repairs and maintenance of these equipment. We can easily come to your site in East Bendigo or surrounds to get any truck or heavy vehicle repairs.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you save time and money by prioritising efficiency and attention to detail in all our hire and repairs. We also offer engineer-certified steel fabrication, modification and assembly for trucks, trailers and earthmoving equipment.

For Ease and Convenience We Offer Hires and Onsite Repairs

We look out for the best interest of our customers in Bendigo, which means we can come to you for all repairs, installations or maintenance work. This saves you the trouble of having to get your heavy vehicles, trucks or other equipment to an offsite location for repairs. Our extensive experience working in this area means we are qualified to work with all types of machinery and vehicles. From older models to the newer ones, you can rely on us to get them back in working order.

It is such a headache when you experience breakdowns and downtimes, especially when it affects your business. Our team is committed to handling all on-site servicing for machinery issues no matter the location for peace of mind. From tuning and fluid top-ups to major component overhauls, including engines and transmissions— the experts in East Bendigo and surrounds can do them all.

Hire the Team at Thackers for Quality Repairs and Solutions

For top quality servicing and repairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Thackers. We are more than happy to answer and questions or queries you may have. Across Bendigo and Victoria, we come to you for all heavy vehicle repairs and solutions.

Call us today on 03 5444 2226.

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